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creille-that-grows3.jpgCreille That Grows – This clever light column has integral LED light inside the pole and can also have one or two projectors in the top. But the best part is that it has a plant pot which doubles as the concrete foundation.
Add a climber of choice and you’ll have the friendliest and greenest scheme in town.

Full brochure download here.


Easy installation – Creille That Grows

Integration  of  the  plant  through  the  pole hand-hole.

The main branches are protected from theft and degradation by the column main body while the small branches spread through the apertures

Replacing  the  plant  is  easy  thanks  to  the integrated  hand  hole  on  swivel.  The  access door  can’t  be  separated  from  the  pole  and thus can’t be lost. The door is locked securely with tamper-proof screws is planted like a tree