The new ZipThree from Vode can be configured to suit a variety of lighting requirements. It has been designed with specifiers in mind to give maximum performance with minimum profile.

It is the ideal fixture to provide effective ceiling wash and wall graze.  A fusion of the successful ZipOne and ZipTwo range from Vode, the LED boards are placed horizontally rather than vertically to achieve minimum vertical profile and enable effective thermal dissipation.


Superior Light Quality & Performance

Standard Output up to 110 Im/W, 4946 Im/m. High Output up to 8826 Im/m.

Remote Power with Independent Channel Control Drivers may be remotely located up to 21.95m from luminaire. Ceiling wash and wall graze may be independently controlled.

A Line of Light with Optional Edge Glow

Available with an “Edge Glow” or opaque edge

Hidden bracket in plaster or micro-profile wall bracket

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