This submersible IP68 luminaire with an LED light source is specially developed to provide good lighting design in underwater applications.

The internal louvre allows the luminaire to be positioned closer to the surface than would have been possible without it, while not causing any glare effect on people standing on the other side of the pool or water feature.
Utilising the asymmetrical grazing beam of 10º x 50º, a continuous lighting effect can be created, like a layer of light through the water.

Pic showing the controlled beam of the Arpool Style (yellow field) cutting of any potential unwanted light spread (yellow dotted line).

Body in stainless steel 316L with glass surface. Suitable for Chlorine and saline environment
Safety temperature switch limits operation while operating on dry surfaces and enables automatic switch off.
Corrosion resistance C4, black elegant finish for high end residential and commercial spaces.