Mesh and Filix Lighting organised our first ever workshop on pool lighting last Thursday, after scouring London for venues with swimming pools for rent (who would also allow electrical equipment in the water!)
The very glamourous Bethnal Green Town Hall hotel opened their doors to us, a super-chilled environment that has been the location of many films, no one raised an eyebrow when we came dragging in extension leads and DMX drivers.

Ivica from Filix was the man on the ground – in the water – and did the demo on how to install and how to position the light taking into account water diffusion, ripple effect and max voltage allowance.
We loved the engagement from all the brilliant designers on the night, making the workshop what it was – a successful, interactive opportunity to actually see the real effect of underwater lighting.

The workshop was limited to 40 clients in order to make it possible for all to participate and the response was overwhelming, we will definitely be doing this again.