Treille & Creille from Technilum are not only hard to pronounce but also an excellent piece of lighting equipment. Creille has a square pole and Treille is the trapezoid one.

Ranging from bollard size to 4.8m tall, the Creille/Treille can be fitted with one or two internal light sources (up and/or down, 16W or 33W) as well as a number of projectors from almost any manufacturer in the top.
The patterns are cut out by an experienced team on two high pressure water jet cutting machines (Flow Mach 3, IMAC), allowing the most delicate cuts on an industrial scale.

The density of the gorgeous cut out patterns of the The Treille and the Creille pole determine the light output (the denser the pattern the less light you’ll have – think of it as a lamp shade around a light source) and Technilum can conduct a study based on your design or you can download the most common patterns to use in your calculation on the link below.

You can of course still design your own bespoke pattern, logos, text etc.

> (opens in a new tab)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Link to ltd/ies files for symmetric and asymmetric 16W and 33W >>