Mesh Lighting are proud to showcase Creille-that-grows at the [d]arcoom this week.

It is the best of two worlds: technology and nature combined. This luminaire was developed out of a need of re-introducing nature in urban public area to improve the well-being of citizens.

Creille-that-grows is part of Technilums openwork, water cut family of aluminium poles.

Creille is a square pole with a side of 177mm, with the openwork patterns possible on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides.

It has an integrated plant support made from fibre concrete, bowl shaped, going into the ground connecting foundation.

The lighting options are an integral LED, in the top of the pole shining down, as well as a number of projectors on the outside of the pole, surface mounted or recessed into the pole.

The material is a weld free aluminium profile, covered in marine standard polyester coating to any RAL finish, ensuring a high resistance to corrosion.

Photos © Technilum – Xavier Boymond

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