In one of the new skyscrapers in the City you will find two floors of beautiful offices on Bishopsgate,  expertly lit by Fisher Marantz Stone (NYC), one of the most well-known and established lighting design offices in the world.

The challenge for both designer and manufacturer was to provide 24hr task lighting for the Paul Hastings law office, that could be adjusted to the user’s particular needs using the central DALI controller and blend into the minimal design of the offices.

The solution was found with Vode Lighting. The general task lighting throughout is the 7mm slim wall fitting by Vode – The ZipThree. Despite the remarkably elegant and minimalist profile this packs a punch of 8000lm/m (4000lm up and 4000lm down).

Micro Profile, Robust Design

Rectangular profile, 0.27” (7mm) x 3.78” (96mm)

Superior Light Quality & Performance

Outputs up to 2808 lm/ft (9212 lm/m), 149 lm/W (SO). 80 or 90 CRI & tunable white (2200K-6500K) available.

Remote Power with Independent Channel Control

Power may be located up to 72’ (22m). Direct/indirect circuits may be independently controlled.

A Floating Line of Light with EdgeGlow™ Option

Optional EdgeGlow™ for edge-lit detail. Hidden mud-in or surface-mount hardware. 

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