Vode’s clever and minimal profile collection offers three quick ways to get a lovely and even wall-grazing.


The first option is the classic Wingrail washing a wall, with integrated baffle and edge soft ensures visual comfort while still being able to output a respectable 3000lm/m. Full product information >>


Secondly we have the ZipTwo only 8mm thick offer excellent performance at around 4000lm, and also with the choice of Tuneable White.

85° (asymmetric) lens for wall wash and 40° for grazing will give you the result you want depending on how far from the wall you can set it out. We normally recommend 300-500mm from the wall for the 85° (asymmetric) and with the 40° you can be all the way up to the wall.
Despite it’s small size you have excellent glare control with optical film and MicroBaffle. Full product information >>


Last but not least you can combine the new optics of the ZipTwo with the classic rail, utilising the BoxRail with for example 85° asymmetric wall wash. Wall arm, ceiling arm or suspension wire is standard mounting kit. Full product information for downlight only – or – up and downlight >>