ARIA 48V track; easy, cost effective and elegant lighting solution.

After an extensive renovation, the Oru hotel, situated on the edge of the Park of Kadriorg in Tallinn, transformed into a informal and relaxed space where guests are welcomed to enter and treat it as home.

Nobe Design realised the project and they’re also nominated for the Estonian Architecture Award 2020.

Available in white or black, this lightweight track is only 27x21mm and can be surface mounted, suspended or recessed into the ceiling.

On this flexible base a large selection of track lights can be fixed, spot lights, linear elements and pendants.

Products used
Track recessed: 48VDC TL RECESSED TRACK
Track surface mounted and suspended: 48VDC SURFACE / SUSPENDED TRACK
Linear light in track: LINEA 48VDC
Track spot in track: MICROPERFETTO LOW 48VDC
Pendant in track: NANOPERFETTO-S 48VDC