A couple of weeks ago we got a question from a designer, whether the manufacturers that we represent were going to exhibit at Light+Build in Frankfurt 2022.

We went on to ask the manufacturers and some of them in return asked us if we knew how the general feeling was amongst the designers – would they visit?

Faced with this catch 22 we decided to reach out in our network and get a general feeling for it. A survey gathered a decent amount of answers and we decided to share back into the community; we are stronger and more successful together.

Please feel free to check out the result below, it was only a few questions in order to not bore people, but we think the trend is positive.

And, the survey is still open if you want to add your answer 🙂


This question above might need clarification; we asked this to find out if the person replying to the survey would not personally go, did they know if anyone else from the office would go.