After years in the making, the master plan by Spiers & Major is in place with 40 pcs of the Structure K columns from Technilum.

4m, 6m and 8m tall, these columns are equipped with Meyer Monospot 1 and 2 with snoot and honeycomb in different configurations, all coated in the same elegant dark grey RAL.

The 4m columns are the Structure K 140 (140 being mm diameter) and the 6 and 8m are Structure K 160. Technilum will make indicative calculations on the dimension of the mast needed to carry the load of the height as well as the equipment.

The technical rail of the Structure K column allows pretty much any mechanical attachment, in this case it has been used to equip some of the columns with fabric banners. There’s also a hook for catenary wire, which is stored rolled up inside the column.

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