There are few streets in Australia as iconic as Sydney’s Pitt Street. It’s the heart of the city, and the heart of the shopping precinct, filled with buildings new and old that communicate the codes of the luxury Houses whose flagships make up the busy streets. Amid these streets, there is a sense of transportation. One that takes you to Paris, Milan, even Ibiza, each store catapulting you into a world that is not your own, inviting you to escape, even if just for an hour. Chaumet is one of them, a luxury jewel brand founded in 1780 in Paris.

Situated at the intersection of Pitt Street and King Street, Sydney, Chaumet’s new flagship is housed in a 19th Century building, masterfully designed for complete immersion into the Maison’s universe, one that is rich in history and culture.

Lots of work was done by the lighting designer Voyons Voir to enhance the interior and exterior part of this store. ATEA were happy to support them in proposing our products that can achieve their requirements of lumen/w and deliver a store with a very good energy efficiency.

Suitable products for jewelery ligthing are the Corner Mini equipped with ULTRACRI COB with CRI 98

or the CAMPUS MINI equipped with PURE CRI 99