Solar powered lighting

Take your projects off the grid

NoWatt, based in France, manufactures solar driven marker lights, lensed luminaries and powering all driven by solar cells.

Solar powered marker light

Custom made integrated solar panel
Efficient from -20° to +70°
Compression rate 3000 kg
Diameter 117mm, depth 60mm

The Crystal Stud has a built-in solar panel and 4 LEDs – white only or RGBW.
Control via Bluetooth for programming or continuous user interaction.

Manufactured in France by NoWatt, the life time is more than 2000 cycles (recharging), which is an estimate of 20 years.
A cycle is a full charge followed by a complete discharge. Our load management system microprocessor allows the battery to operate only in it’s upper part. Half charges increase lifetime of the LifePo battery. Complete discharges are minimal.

The power reserve is integrated in our algorithm of calculation of power according to sunshine. NoWatt guarantees the duration of operation for all days of the year (even if it rains more than a week).

Solar driven Light fittings

Onyx is a solar driven light source, used in wall mounted or stan alone fittings or bollards.
The LED inside is a 3000K or 4000K Nichia, producing 150lm/W, or in the case of using RGBW, a Luxeon with the Nicha chip.
Beam angle ranges from 5°, 20° or 50° and an elliptical option at 6/40° and 30/60°.

All Onyx products are equipped with USB socket for charge, upgrading and diagnostic as well as motion sensor.
Graphite and silver finish is standard, copper and bronze on demand.
Data sheets and photmetrics can be found here:

Power – solar panels for your project

Split is a complete solution to take your lighting project completely off the grid.
Split solar panels offer the opportunity to create truly green lighting design, putting the focus on reduced device power consumption and operating hours.
It’s a prospect to make you lighting project self-sustainable, using the light fittings of your choice together with solar power.
NoWatt’s parented algorithm will advise number of panels needed for your scheme, get in touch to discuss.

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