Zip Two – micro profile with powerful optics

The ZipTwo is only 7mm thick and packs a huge punch – up to 5168 lm/m. Where other small linear LED profiles create a dim glow around the edges, ZipTwo pushes the light all the way where you want it.

At the Darc room we will be showcasing the beam options of THE 40 degree grazer and THE 85 degree wallwasher

The ZipTwo is a micro profile in robust design, only 7mm thin and 35mm deep, but with an integrated micro baffle for glare control.

The ZipTwo is a modular system, built for continuous runs of easily installed linear light, surface mounted with tape-on metal strip or low-profile clip for mounting to any surface or to click into acoustic ceilings.

Options of Diffuse, 120°, 60°, 40° and 85° (asymmetric) lens for general illumination, grazing or wall wash. Excellent glare control with optical film and MicroBaffle.

Standard colour temperatures, RGBW and tuneable white (2200K-6500K) available.

Below you can find the resources for both options:

ZipTwo spec sheet

ZipTwo installation instruction: clipmagnetic (more options on Vode website)

ZipTwo photometrics

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